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Stay Ahead. Monitor Every Aspect of Your Website with sneeky

The ultimate tool for continuous uptime monitoring, cronjob and SSL certificate tracking, and broken link detection. Stay one step ahead with instant notifications whenever an issue arises.


Checks per minute


Notifications sent


Uptime checks


For uptime checks

Enjoy Peace of Mind with our Advanced Website Monitoring

Stay Ahead of Website Issues: Receive Immediate Alerts for Downtime, Certificate Errors, and Slow Performance. Keep Your Digital Presence Proactive and Flawless.

screenshot of the sneeky website dashboard with graphs.
Screenshot of the sneeky dashboard showing all found broken links.
Screenshot of the sneeky dashboard showing the details of the ssl certificate.
screenshot of the sneeky heartbeat dashboard.

Unlock Full Control: Your All-in-One Monitoring Dashboard

Dive into a seamless experience where managing and tracking becomes effortless, all from one beautifully designed interface.

Real-Time Alerts History

Gain insight with a comprehensive history of all your notifications.

Response Times Graphing

Pinpoint potential slowdowns and optimize performance more effectively.

Full-Blown API Access

Leverage our comprehensive API to seamlessly integrate your systems. (coming soon)


Experience personalized monitoring with our multi-location tracking feature.

Detailed Incident Information

Get to the heart of every issue with in-depth incident reports.

Choose a new check location!

Sidestep upset customer calls

Avoid the frustration of customer complaints by always being ahead of downtimes and immediately informed of any issues.

30 seconds uptime checks

We check your monitors every 30 seconds. Never miss downtime again!

Keep your website secure

Don't confuse your visitors with expired SSL certificates.

Don't forget internal services

We keep track of your cronjobs and internal services with our heartbeats.

Downtime is expensive
sneeky is not

Avoid expensive outages and reduce cost in your monitoring stack with ease. Let us handle the heavy lifting with all of your projects.

Cancel your subscription anytime. excl. Tax.
Yearly Save 2 months!
Cancel your subscription anytime and save two whole months! excl. Tax.

You need more monitors or want sneeky to operate in your application to give your users just another benefit?

Join forces and explore the achievable possibilities.


Any questions? We have the answers.

A website monitor is a publicly available website that we can request from our servers. A heartbeat is a cronjob that requests our servers so that we know it is operating.

No. We continuously check your website in a 30 seconds interval. But you can modify the settings of the request we send to your website and set the timeout, basic auth and custom headers.

Yes, you can test our monitoring free for 7 days. No credit card required!

Yes you can save two whole months by paying yearly.

Sure, just use our full blown API (COMING SOON) to automate things. You need more monitors or want to offer a monitoring to your customers? Let's talk.

Stay up to date

We regularly release new features and bug fixes. Stay up to date in our news section.

Hello v2.0.0

Version 2 is finally there. New Dashboard, optimized checks, more flexibility.

March 1st, 2024

Get Started with sneeky Today Your Website's Reliability Awaits

Why wait for problems to find you?
Take the first step towards proactive website and cron job monitoring.